"Corporate social responsibility has to be part of our DNA"


Fully recyclable

DE NOOD's lanterns are made of high-quality materials such as copper, brass and bronze, which are fully recyclable. Our outdoor lighting will last for at least 30 years and can always be fitted with the latest energy-saving lights without you having to purchase new external lighting.

Cooperation with Philips

DE NOOD's lighting is not only durable. We also aim to fit the latest energy-efficient light sources in our street lights. Our close cooperation with Philips lets us offer our customers the most modern and sustainable lighting techniques.


Waste separation

Separating waste saves raw materials and energy, as well as preventing a great deal of environmental pollution. More than enough reason for DE NOOD to do it. A large number of waste types such as copper, brass, bronze, iron, stainless steel, glass, oil, paper and paint products are kept strictly separated.


Making staff available for social purposes

DE NOOD values its surroundings greatly. This is one reason why the staff at DE NOOD make efforts to help social causes, for instance rebuilding a youth club or smartening up a canteen. If you know of a good initiative where DE NOOD's staff could help, please contact us!


FSC-certified printing

All DE NOOD's printing is done on FSC-certified paper. The FSC quality mark guarantees that the raw materials for the paper come from responsibly managed forests.


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