With love, passion and craftsmanship


For almost 90 years now, DE NOOD has been the leading producer of exclusive outdoor lighting, making use of high-quality materials such as copper, brass and bronze. We combine skilled craftsmanship and tradition with modern lighting techniques and materials. This lets us produce very high quality outdoor lighting with an exceptionally long lifespan. A genuine DE NOOD is in fact a unique example, which is why every lamp gets its own unique serial number and a Certificate of Authenticity.


Outdoor lighting by DE NOOD can be found in lots of municipalities, at royal palaces, at castles and listed buildings - as well as modern villas and houses. DE NOOD® external lighting is the finishing touch for these splendid houses, enriching these types of surroundings for their owners.


DE NOOD has of course also contributed to modern and contemporary outdoor lighting projects. Examples of these can be found throughout the Netherlands and beyond. For example, think of the external lighting in modern urban districts, at museums and other ambitious construction projects that are realised by provinces, municipalities or project developers. Street lighting by DE NOOD is a key factor in the appearance of the streets in over 200 municipalities in the Netherlands.



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