DE NOOD has held ISO 9001:2008 certification for years


LRQA Nederland (Lloyd's Register in the Netherlands, the market leading service provider for ISO certification) has once again awarded DE NOOD Group B.V. and its subsidiaries DE NOOD B.V., KARELS B.V. and Duurzaam Zeeuws Licht B.V. its ISO 9001:2008 certificate this year. DE NOOD has now been ISO certified for more than 10 years, meaning that it now also has the Lloyd's Golden Award.


All DE NOOD's lights also meet the requirements of the CE standard. This can be seen from the CE sticker on the lanterns, which is required to show that a product meets the CE standards.


This means that customers can remain confident that the exclusive street lights and outdoor lighting are made using a high-quality process, in the same way as has already been done for decades.




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