We have become big fans

More than seven years ago the familie Van Willigen came in contact with DE NOOD. Via internet they looked for high quality and unique classic lighting. "We ended up with DE NOOD, after a visit to castle Loevestein, where you can find fixtures of the DE NOOD", says Gertjan van Willigen. "DE NOOD turned out to be a traditional company with a lot of craftsmanship, and that was exactly what we were looking for. In 2010 we build a detached villa in Gorinchem. This house is completely carried out in a classic style with cut joints, authentic moldings and Belgian stone stairs. The fixtures of the DE NOOD are therefore the perfect choice, where we have become a big fan of. We now have fixtures on a mast called 'Den Haag', facade fixtures called ‘Binnenhof' and wall fixtures called 'Scheveningen' on and around the house. A fixture of DE NOOD is not the cheapest lighting solution, but definitely one of the most beautiful and durable. We daily enjoy the beautiful lanterns."

You'd think that they've always been hanging there

"Actually, there was an implicit obligation for this house to renovate it in such a way that you could hardly see that it had been renovated. We managed to do that, with the help of a trusted contractor. The details are very important in a process like this. I mean the hinges and locks, for instance, and the paintwork and the choice of colours. The DE NOOD lanterns fit in well with it. They match so perfectly that you'd think that they've been hanging there all the time."


Mr Nijman

Rotterdam (NL)


Lots of attention for the client's wishes



"DE NOOD is a company where 'craft' and 'custom work' are key aspects. A company that is still able to manufacture stylish lighting in the way it was done decades ago. Lots of attention is paid to the client's wishes. At Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp, this resulted in a soberly lit and impressive front facade. In short: if only all companies were like this!"



Ilse Cornelissens

Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp (B)


The finishing touch for our houses

"To us, DE NOOD is a logical addition to our construction projects. DE NOOD's collection almost always fits in with our buildings. A lantern from the right period makes our listed buildings more attractive, adding the finishing touch. Our new construction projects often have strong links with the past: old bricks, wrought iron balconies and fencing, gates and verandas. In short, everything that creates atmosphere and ambience in the living environment. DE NOOD has been our preferred address for lighting for years. DE NOOD's lanterns are actually the finishing touch on our houses. And the lifespan of more than a hundred years certainly means you can say that this is a very durable product!"



Mathile Brandts

Villa Pera, Baarn (NL)


Helpful people with a lot of know-how


"Over the years, we have been able - together with DE NOOD - to complete the exterior lighting of several country houses and castles and their associated parks really splendidly. Take Schlosshotel Münchhausen near Hamelin, for instance, or the park of Schloss Evenburg in Leer. There's a wide range of classic lanterns and excellent, reliable cooperation with helpful people with a lot of know-how, who will always respond to special requirements. That makes sure we'll certainly be using your services again."


Christine Tonndorf

Schlosshotel Münchhausen (D)


What more could you want?

"DE NOOD still delivers real craftsmanship. The work is high quality and everything can be customised. What more could you want?"



Mr van Schijndel

Geffen (NL)


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