Many options and solutions

We can meet all your requirements in terms of lighting techniques and light output because we can build in all kinds of lighting technology.


We follow the developments in the market closely and when new lighting techniques are developed, they can always be built in later on or the lights can be converted. In principle, there are no limitations for you regarding the selection of lighting.



Cooperation with Philips Lighting

DE NOOD likes to go one step further when it comes to aiming at durability, by pushing new boundaries in lighting techniques. Philips Lighting is known for its quality, innovation and its efforts towards sustainability, which makes it an excellent partner for DE NOOD. Philips Lighting has developed a number of high-end LED solutions that can be integrated with no problem in DE NOOD's classic fittings.



NU- LED | LED will be cooperation with Netherlands

Intensive cooperation between the Group and Emergency LED will be Netherlands led to a sublime LED solution for classic fixtures. Because of the waterproof construction (IP65) of the NU- LED is suitable for installation in new lanterns as well as in the older years officiating, copies.


ND - LED | Cooperation with Arsis Industrial Design

Arsis has devised an ingenious concept that combines functional LED lighting and ambient lighting in classic fixtures. These indirect LED light solution - ND Led called - is primarily intended to enhance the atmosphere in the center of a city or village because of the special light color and appearance. They fully meets today's requirements with regard to lighting, efficiency , maintenance and durability



Building in lighting techniques

New lighting technology is built in professionally by fitters of Duurzaam Zeeuws Licht, a sister company of DE NOOD. A thorough action plan is drawn up, based on an extensive inventory, to realise the modernisation of the classic street lighting you require.


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