Classical meets Modern in DE NOOD street lighting



The classical and time-honoured DE NOOD street lights are fashionable, can be equipped with modern lighting techniques, comply with the latest standards for street lighting and are extremely durable. Our lanterns are dust-proof and watertight and have impact-resistant and UV-resistant polycarbonate glazing. We can meet all your requirements regarding lighting techniques and light output, because we are able to build in and convert all kinds of lighting technologies.


But DE NOOD does more than just that. Besides manufacturing our standard collection of outdoor lights, we also offer our customers tailor-made work, restoration & reconstruction and placement & installation of our exterior lighting. DE NOOD stands for the best classic decorative street lighting - not only functional, but also (in particular) beautiful to look at. Our street lighting is not only useful in the evening and at night, but certainly an attraction in the daytime too.


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